Fiverr Seller: From 0 to Hero Series

PART 1:  Long Post.

Most Important Things in Fiverr Gig

This article will help beginners who do not have any experience with Fiverr or are not getting any Orders. This article will cover the main Points, Tips, and Tricks that I learned from my 4 years of freelancing career and through internet help.

Most Important things while making your Fiverr Gig:

  • Your gig must have an attractive title.
  • Your gig must have good tags and descriptions.
  • Your gig should have basic and popular keywords in the title, tags, and description.
  • Your gig title, SEO title, tags, description, and the URL of the gig should have the same keywords.

Most Important Things in Fiverr Gig:

  • Gig Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Keywords Research
  • URL
  • Tags

To make real money with Fiverr, you need your gig to stand out from the pack. I debated with myself over which was more important: The Gig Title or The Thumbnail and I concluded that both are very important.

Fiverr Gig Title:

Fiverr has its own Algorithm just like Amazon A9 and without a good title, Fiverr won’t know where to display your gig. First, we need to clearly describe your gig. Don’t be vague, clearly define what service you are providing.  A simple title with 1 or 2 main keywords is enough.

Example: I will do Amazon Product Research for Private Label

Key Points:
  • Short and Attractive
  • Not more than 3 Keywords
  • Most Relevant and Main Keywords
  • Must have decent gigs competition on that keyword.

Fiverr Thumbnail / Feature Images:

With my experience, it is the most important aspect of your Fiverr gig. With the average human attention span now coming in lower than 8 seconds, you need an image that will capture your client’s attention right away.

If your featured image is unappealing, it is likely people will even not click through your gig to see what details you offer.

The best way to see what is working best is to check what the best-selling gigs are doing and emulate those as best as you can.

Key Points:
  • Images should be High Resolution
  • Minimum Resolution at least 550 Pixels Wide and 370 Pixels Height.
  • Recommended formats are JPEG, JPG, PN, File size limit is 5MB and you can upload 3 images maximum.
  • Read and Use Brands Colors Psychology through Google
  • Rename the Fiverr Images and your Keywords as a name. (HACK)

Keywords Research / Tags

One of the most important parts of Fiver SEO and Ranking is keyword research so the first step of gig ranking is to do keyword research properly. To find the best keyword for your gig, go to the search bar and search your keyword, Example: AMAZON KINDLE. Now, look at gigs results how many gigs available on that keyword if is low (Less than 8000) then it is a good keyword.

If that keyword has a high number of gigs then leave it to find its long-tail keyword which does not have more than 8000 gigs.

Key Points:
  • Only Main Keywords can go up to 8k not more than that.
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords more in Description and Faqs
  • Use 3rd Party Online Software’s “Keyword Research Tools”
  • Only use relevant keywords
  • Add 5 Relevant and Main Keywords in Tags Section

Keyword Optimized URL:

Gig URL plays the most important part in Fiverr Ranking that many people don’t think of, or think has any bearing on ranking in Fiverr. However, that not true in my case! On all 3 Accounts and on every gig my URLs are highly optimized.

One thing to keep in mind is that your URL will not change after you save your GIG. So, you must be sure of your keywords and what you want to rank for. Also, if you ever changed the title of the gig, it would no longer match with the URL keywords. So, take time, do keyword research for the URL as you will not be able to change it later.

Here is the way you can add Keyword Optimized URL:

Your URL will always be a subdomain of and will look like this “”

The “YourGigNameHere” is what we want to customize to highlight the keywords that our potential clients will be searching for. Normally when you set up your title you will enter in something like “I will write Converting Amazon Listing Description”

In order to set up your URL specifically to rank for these keywords, you want to leave out everything except the keyword you want to rank for. So instead the first time you set it up you would only type in “Converting Amazon Listing Description” This would create a Fiverr URL that looks like this “”

After you save this, your URL will be created and you will go back and edit your title to include the secondary words.


Remember that Fiverr just like Amazon or Google and the buyers are real humans comparing your gig with hundreds of others. In order for the algorithm to know where to place your gigs, you have to make it more than clear what you’re offering.

Happy Learning – Happy Earning

Regards: Zeeshan Riaz


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